Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's a BOY!!

We am thrilled to announce that we are having a baby boy! It is a honored tradition in Tom's family to continue the family name. So, in just a few months, everyone will meet Thomas Howard Hutchinson IV (Tommy). We believe he is the future quarterback for the Seminoles. He is already practicing his kicking! All is healthy with the baby and I am feeling great! Its hard to believe I am half way through the pregnancy! The picture printed out is not very clear, but we have an appt with the specialist in a few weeks and will get more pictures from their high quality machines.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

18 week belly shot!

18 weeks and my belly finally popped out! I've gained 5 pounds since pre-baby. No wonder I'm so tired looking!

18 weeks - Kicking and Growing...

After weeks of wondering what I was feeling were baby kicks (or gas!)... I know now, it was not! This week I started feeling little "kicks" or nudges, definately the baby and not gas! The baby seems to be more awake and playful in the afternoons (like his momma!), especially after lunch. The kicks are a number together for a minute and then nothing for a long time.

My tummy has popped out this week! I am no longer in my normal clothes, especially work clothes. My sisters and mom bought me a few pants/skirts that are working for me now. My tops are starting to get "not approperiate for work" because they are showing too much stuff! The maternity sections are calling my name!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Blood Test Results Perfect!

We are no longer a high-risk! Due to the abnormal first trimester, our doctor sent us to a high-risk baby specialist. After some bloodwork, they ruled out (1 in 10,000th of a chance) for Down Syndrome. My hcG levels are normal and all looks great! We still go back in May to follow up and check the baby's anatomy details but we are no longer a high-risk!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My trip to Victoria Secret!

I am now 16 weeks pregnant and things are growing, of course. It was time to buy new bras. I am a Victoria Secret girl, they are the best and I don't wear anything else! I typically shop online just to avoid the little girls that think they know what I want. I was so aggravated with my old bras not fitting anymore, I was impatient and didnt want to wait for them to be shipped to me.

I went to VS, found the perfect bra and figured out my new size (all on my own!). I am in line waiting to check-out. The girl in front of me is allowing her two kids to run around the store like wild animals while she took her time picking out her tote bag that she gets free with her angel reward points. Meanwhile, a sales agent and another customer were standing behind me waiting also. They began a conversation about how many women are coming into VS to be resized because they are gaining weight and therefore, things are bigger! The cashier even chimed in alittle too, but I stayed out of it. Meanwhile, I am being impatient and annoyed by the kids running around knocking things over. At some point, the lady in front FINALLY decides which size tote bag, grabs her kids, and leaves.

Its my turn to check out. The check-out girl does her thing, I pay and prepare to leave. The girl says to me "I'm sorry about your wait" and my immediate response was (with lots of bitchy attitude) "It's okay, I have an excuse, I'm pregnant!". I grab my bag and walk toward the exit of the store. About half way to the store exit, I realize - she was talking about my wait not my weight!

As I continued to walk, I kept thinking to myself that I should go back inside and apologize, but of course I kept walking toward my car. I decided that the girl probably thinks I am crazy already and if I were go back inside and explain, then her opinion of me will continue to go down.

So, to the check-out girl at VS, I'm sorry. It would appear that baby brain makes me talk before I think.

Meanwhile, completely enjoying my new bras!