Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First Modeling Gig (3wk old)

Rebecca Knowles Photography is awesome. Based out of Panama City, we enjoyed Tommy's first modeling gig during our visit when he was 3-weeks old.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch today in the beautiful 56* Tallahassee weather. It was a bit too chilly for Tommy so he wasn't too happy to sit on the grass, but he managed to look adorable anyway!
taking a quick nap between cries!Reminds me of "Where's Waldo?"
Humpy Dumpy sat on a wall... Humpy Dumpy had a great fall.... (this is Tommy falling backwards as one of the pumpkin rolled. He wasn't too happy after this!)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tommy's 1 month old

We survived our first month together. I dragged all my scrapbook stuff out from the closet and started back at the beginning of my pregnancy. I now hold Tommy and think to myself how thankful I am that everything turned out so wonderful even with our crazy beginning story. God wanted us to be together and now we are. I have to say, its been great.

We were dressed and ready to go to the pumpkin patch on Thursday, but then it started to rain and never stopped. So, we will try again next week. Daddy was happy that Tommy was wearing big boy shoes, but they didn't stay on for long.
This is my favorite place to take a nap (curled up in the boppy pillow on the coach next to Mommy). By the way, we went to the doctor this week and Tommy weighed 10lbs. 14oz. and grew two inches!
Tommy loves tummy time with Daddy. He just chills out and they each talk about their day.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Baby Gadgets

If you know my husband, you know - he is a gadget man. He always wants to have and use the latest and greatest. Me - of course I like new but sometimes old is just fine. In our pre-baby shopping and studies, Tom had a list of a few baby gadgets that he thought we could not live without. Of course, me - trying to be economical and realistic about everything... did not agree, but knew which battles to pick and this was not one of them.

First item on his list - Angelcare Monitoring System. This monitor has a motion sensor which is placed under the crib mattress and monitors the babies breathing. Yes, it is so sensitive it can feel the tiny movement through the mattress. If motion is not detected for 20 seconds, an alarm - yes, an alarm will sound until motion is detected again. This same system monitors room temperature (which an alarm will also sound if too hot/cold), offers voice activation, and has two parent units so we have one in the living room and one in the bedroom. Of course, trying to be economical - I told Tom for months that a cheap baby monitor will be fine compared to this $130 system. His fear of SIDS was too strong and there was no changing his mind.

The second item on his list - Itzbeen Baby Care Timer. If you thought I teased about the monitoring system - I really teased about this gadget. Truely a gadget. Basically, its a stop-watch for diaper changes, feedings, naps and which breast you fed.

Family and friends would tease us about everything we have for Tommy. I don't know how many times we heard "we didn't have that when i had my kids". From these gadgets - to the formerly known as playpen, now called pack 'n play - to the way car seats and strollers (by the way, they are called travel systems now) are designed now.

Now, Tommy is almost a month old so we had a few weeks to test these gadgets and gizmos. The questions is - do we really NEED/USE them? the answer is YES! The Angelcare Monitoring System has allowed him to sleep in his crib - in his own room since the first night we were home. The peace of mind and the better quality sleep that I get between feedings is so worth it. I did apologize to Tom for the teasing and battling I did about his choice of monitoring systems. I would recommend this item to everyone. The Itzbeen Baby Care Timer was not a BIG help the first two weeks because we choose to chart Tommy's feedings and diaper changes to see a pattern, but starting last week when we stopped charting, this gadget has been a great asset. Tommy eats and poops so often that somtimes I forget how long its been we did something. I would remember that he ate for about 10 minutes but was that at 1pm today or was it 1am yesterday that I remembered to look at the clock. This also helps Tom know when I fed Tommy last so at anytime he can jump in to help and know what we've done in the past few hours.

Of course we could survive without these gadgets, just as family and friends have in the past, but it's not always about survival - its often about convience and making this transition easier on everyone, mom-dad-and baby.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Celebrated Mom's Birthday with a Nap!

Today - I turned 27. Nothing special, just a night at home with my little family. Tom did buy me a new camera since we lost ours in the hospital somewhere. So, of course, I look a few pictures while Tommy was snoozing on the couch tonight.

We started the night out looking adorable as ever (and thinking the flash on mommy's new camera was really bright!)

Then we got a little tired of all the picture taking....

and finally we gave it up and took a nap.

I discovered my new camera does black and white photos (a feature my old camera did not have!)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Tommy's First Bath

Tommy enjoyed his first day at the spa (aka our kitchen!) After carefully planning the water temperature, Tom gave our little man his first bath. He cried when the water first touched him but then he just layed there and let us bath him. He's such a good baby!

Now the bath is over and Tom decided to try out some baby oil on Tommy. He says its to "lock in the moisture". So Tom poured a little in his hands and started to rub on Tommy. After that - the craziest thing happened... Daddy decided to grab the large bottle of baby oil and POUR (like he was marinating a steak) the baby oil all over Tommy. After I freaked out by what I was witnessing, Daddy realized that probably was not the best move and started to wipe some off with a towel. Tommy was definitely very slick for a few hours after his bath!
All in all - he didn't seem to mind his first bath!
A nice long nap quickly followed.