Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Time!

Catching up on a few Summer-time pictures of Tommy.
Tommy - 9 months, 21lbs & 30" tall

being silly, playing with his favorite toy in the world
He saw me giving Gracie a bath and thought I needed his help.

Blue eyes!

Sleeping on the beach with Papa
Fun at the kiddie pool

10-months old celebration!

So much is going on with our little man, its hard to keep up. Everyday he learns something new. In the past two weeks its been pretty exciting around here. He has mastered walking across the house and exploring the other rooms in the house, learned to say mama and dada (he definitely knows I'm mama and will yell for me if I leave the room), and waves bye-bye or hello. I am pretty sure he has been "waving" for a while but I am just now noticing that he does it without me telling him. We also snapped a video of Tommy walking around more than just a few steps. Since then he has mastered it all.... he is our little explorer. Watch out world!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tommy's first steps

We were lucky enough to get Tommy's first steps on camera for everyone to enjoy.