Sunday, March 15, 2009

Crawling, stage 1

He is working on... every day we see improvements. Only once has he performed for the video, and now I can't find the video. Here is a picture of him trying to figure it out.

5 Months - Bubbles and Cuteness

I realized the 5 month picture was never posted... alot has happened in his 5th month, and we are almost ready to start his 6th month.
Dinner with mom and dad at a restaurant, and our first time using the high chair. Tommy was still pretty small for the wooden chair, but after a blanket wedge behind him - he loved sitting up at the table with us.He is so cute holding his own bottle.Here are a few videos of Tommy's accomplishments this month. They turned out dark... next time, I will remember to light up the room! The best part of these videos is the sounds Tommy makes.