Thursday, June 19, 2008

27 weeks & the floors are in!

Well, yes... the floors are done - almost. Here's what my house looks like now!

The kitchen was completed shortly after this picture was taken.

Yes. That would be my bed in the dining room. We had to clear out the master bedroom after the living area was done.
Finally - SOMETHING is in Tommy's Room! Needless to say, we need to clean it out again :-)

The only room left to complete... could it be because there is so much stuff everywhere??

We will now spend the next week digging out and putting things back in their place. Tom planned to work on it one room at a time when he is not working. We were so blessed to have my dad and brother come lay the floors in just TWO days!

The feeling I get when I walk through the house and no longer have to see or smell the old carpet, its overwhelming. I actually feel comfortable bringing Tommy home to a clean house that he can roll around on and not worry.

Once we finish digging out, I'll post pictures of Tommy's room. My sister, Joy, sent her bassinett to me for Tommy to use and we now have an armoire for his clothes etc. We just need a few more things and then it will just be waiting on his arrival.

Contractions have started, as my doctor says "your body is practicing". I can tell right now, I need the drugs when I get out of the car at the hospital... if these are the practice contractions... well, I dont want to think about the real ones yet. We start our childbirth classes on Wednesday, so I am sure it will all settle in starting with the class.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

25 Weeks!

We spent last weekend in Tampa with Tom's family for Lindsay's Graduation. Finally got a chance to upload a belly shot! I know it doesn't look like much, but each outfit I have shows differently! Its hard to believe I am 6-months along already!