Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's a BIG Miracle!

First, I want to say - yes its a long blog - but read it ALL!

February 4 - Doctors appt in which resulted in testing of my HcG levels because we could not see the baby in the sac (see below blog), meaning I was going to have a miscarriage. I decided to allow my body to process this naturally. If anyone really knows me, they know I have never been hospitalized or even had an IV before, so surgery - being knocked out - yeah - I was willing to wait.February 25 - Doctors appt for another scan to make measure the progress of the miscarriage. The doctor measured the sac which was 52cm. He noted this was larger than the original scan, but still no baby which would still lead us to believe that I did indeed have a blighted ovum. My mind was set to avoid a DNC as long as my health was still good. We made our appt for another three weeks.

March 24 - 2nd follow-up Doctors appt. It has been six weeks since my original scan and I was getting a little annoyed that my body would not process this miscarriage. Just before the doctor walks into the room, he tells his nurse, "I feel so bad for this couple. They want to have a baby, but her body just won't process this miscarriage". So he comes in the room and asks if I had any symptoms, and my answer is NOPE! He scans me and says "WELL, THERE'S YOUR BABY!!!!!" It was right there! My baby was in the sac! The doctor said in the 25 years he has been delivering babies... this has never happened! ITS A MIRACLE! He measured the baby and its the perfect size for 13-weeks. We saw the baby's head, body, spine, rib cage, and its HEART BEAT!

Talk about a silenced and stunned room. We really didn't know what to think. Tom and I did not believe him until we saw the baby's heartbeat. For the past 6 weeks, I didn't realize I was still pregnant! Even the last scan (3-weeks ago) did not show anything! Tom and I are still in shock, but after a good-night sleep, I am actually able to smile about it today.

The doctor is referring us to a specialist at TMH for him to scan me and make sure everything is ok, but he said if he had not ever seen us before - he would think all was well and I am 13-weeks pregnant with a due date September 24! Being 13-weeks means, I am in my last week of my first trimester! Over this time, I have felt fine accept being constantly tired. So, overall - first trimester was a piece of carrot cake!! (my fav. cake)

I am thanking God for his blessings and wisdom. I didn't realize it at the time, but now I do - the calming, peace, and wisdom to allow my body to naturally take care of this - without that - we would not have this "miracle baby"!