Wednesday, May 28, 2008

6 months and growing

I rolled (literally) out of bed this morning and suddenly feel very ROUND. Not just alittle prego, but ALOT prego! Tommy must have gone through a growth spirt last night because today my balance is off and I am having to bend differently. I guess this is what happens when you hit the 6 months mark! Eventually Tom and I will be in the same room long enough to take another belly shot. Until then, I feel like an Oompa-Loompa in the Chocolate Factory!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Baby Registry

Yes, we finally registered. That was definately an interesting experience for soon-to-be parents. For months, I've been saying "we haven't made any decisions". Well, picking bottles and bedding etc - decisions have been made and everything is a little more real to me now. For 7 years that Tom and I have been married, I avoided the baby sections so I wouldn't get my hopes too high to start a family so quickly... it ws fun to finally be part of that department! We registered at Baby Depot (especially for the bedding theme) and Target.

It's hard to believe in only three months, little Tommy will be here!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hardwood Floors & Baby Theme

Tom is working in his spare time to replace the old carpet in the house with pretty hardwood floors. This past weekend, Tom completed Tommy's room and it looks awesome! Now, for the rest of the house... the living room is next!

We decided on a theme for the room. Its called Antique Toy (at Baby Depot). It features antique trucks, cars, footballs and baseballs, sailboat, and airplanes.

I love the idea of using antique toys for many reasons. Little Tommy's name has been a family name for many generations, so we like the antique feel. Also, Tom's dad owned a Model-T car for along time. Since Tommy will never be able to meet his grandfather, it gives a little connection to him. I think the pattern of the Antique Toy is very classy and he can grow with it for the first couple of years.

Now that Tommy's room has new floors, we need the furniture!

23 weeks and Publix story

We had our 23-week check-up yesterday. All looks fine. The ultrasound showed his head near my belly-button and he is sitting on my bladder. No wonder I have to pee so much! I've seen my belly moving the past couple of weeks, but last night Tom actually saw the waves and it went on for about 5-10 minutes.

I'm doing good on my weight gain. I've gained a total of 9 pounds, which 1 pound is Tommy. This being said, I had run in with a guy at Publix. First it was me in Victoria Secret, now its Publix. Sunday morning, I woke up craving some Publix doughnuts. Typically, I am a Krispy Kreme girl, but odd-enough Publix is what I wanted. So, I go to the Bakery counter and pick up a 6-pk of glazed doughnuts. I was then looking in the display to see if I wanted something different. At this time, an older man walks up to me and says "I think you only need to eat one doughnut!" OMG, I wanted to attack him! I did control myself (and my hormones) and firmly say "I'm 5 months pregnant, I can eat what I want!". He ordered his 3 doughnuts from the lady and left while I stand there in shock (and really wanting to eat all 6 doughnuts in front of him!). I truely believe I have a huge target sign saying "I beg you to be rude to me!". Other situations with rude people have happened to me, but I won't bore you with them. I definately thought the Publix story was worth sharing! So - everyone out there (especially men), DON'T BE SO RUDE! I'm growing a baby here!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

21 weeks and almost 13 ounces!

We went for our 21-week checkup at the Specialist. All is well and we no longer need to have a high-risk pregnancy doctor. Tommy weighs 13-14 ounces and is right at his targeted weight. The nurse even gave us a sneak peak at him in 3D.

Tommy's room (and the rest of the house) is currently under construction. We are replacing the old carpet with hardwood floors. Of course, with my dad's expert advice, we (meaning Tom!) is installing the floors himself in and around his work schedule. So needless to say, it is going to be a long process. Gracie already loves laying on the cool temperature floors.

To celebrate Mother's Day, I'm going to see my family (which some I havent seen since before this began!). Tommy will have his first chance to hear the ocean. I can't wait to smell the salt-water. Its been too long...