Sunday, February 10, 2008

8 wk - miscarriage announcement

I just wanted to update you on the "baby situation". Its been a pretty crazy week. We went for our 8wk doc appt on Monday. The ultrasound could not find the baby. The doctor told us either I ovulated late and was only 5 1/2 wks along (which at that point cant see the baby yet) or I had a miscarriage. He was pretty upbeat and said he was leaning toward the error in how far along in the pregnancy. So, he gave us the choice of either waiting two weeks to see what the ultrasound would say or I can get some bloodwork done throughout the week. Well, I have AWESOME insurance for a reason, of course I chose to get bloodwork done instead. Monday night was a pretty scary night. I slept about 45 minutes all night and still managed get work all the next day. I have pretty much been a zombi mentally, trying to stay positive, but prepared for the worse. So, Tuesday and Thursday morning I got poked with a needle. Might I add, I HATE needles, and WOW did it hurt! This afternoon late, while I was at work, Tom called in to the doctor to get the results. The results show that I had an blighted ovum. Yeah - I know - I had no clue either. Basically, we conceived but at some point it stopped developing. I have NO signs of a miscarriage, which added to our shock this week.

I am placing this situation in God's hands. There is a reason (although I do not know it) why this one was not meant to be. I am doing okay emotionally, mostly because I have had 4 days to prepare for the results. I thank everyone for all their excitment they shared with us over the idea of having a baby. The love and support through the fun times and the bad times really shows how much our friends mean to us.