Sunday, January 27, 2008

6 wks - Weekend Wrap-up

ONE WEEK tomorrow... until our 8 week doc appt! Monday, Feb 4th 3:30pm, you know where we will be! I thought it would never get here, but now that I can say its next week... its easier to countdown!

Saturday morning, I woke up from not a good night sleep and had my first real bat at morning sickness. Finally, about noon time, it subsided. The afternoon was spend on the couch. Boy and I glad we got brand new comfortable couchs a few years ago. THEN - mom and dad made their "after-cruise" debut in Tally. We went to dinner to celebrate their arrival back in the country AND Tom's birthday (he's so old now - 31!). After mom and dad left, we went to my bosses birthday party at The Winery. I have to say, the Winery is not as fun when you can't drink! Although we had a blast. We stayed out until midnight and I started to crash.

Today - was fun! I slept in after a GREAT night sleep. TMH held a Baby Fair at UCC (where we get married). All kinds of exhibitors. By the way, Richards Photography says Hello! We got all kinds of goody bags and literature to read. It was great! It was also funny to walk in and see the Porpoise Bounce in the 3rd floor ballroom! You never know where one will end up! hehe! So, after Baby Fair, of course baby needed food and we had some arrands to do. By the time 5pm came around, I was going downhill fast... tired. We got in the house and i tore my clothes off and crawled in bed. I am just now getting vertical again. It wiped me out. I definately had to pee at every location. I'm getting pretty good at spotting those "restroom" signs!

My biggest thing is going to be staying home and resting. Its so hard to just sit on the couch all weekend, but apparently its whats gonna be required.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

6 Weeks Today!

This week, we spread the word to our family that there is 10 little fingers and 10 little toes in the making... literally, this week! is really great! It explains each week whats developing and the size of the baby. This week, the baby has grown from a sesame seed to a lentil bean (aka 1/4 of an inch big!). My baby has grown from a seed to a mini bean!

I've been extremely tired all the time and today had my first "morning sickness". I was at work and our office was having a luncheon. The smell of the food was great when they first delivered it. About 5 minutes later, it didn't smell so good to my tummy anymore... took a long lunch break away from that! My finger nails are growing which I LOVE! I've never successfully had long nails!

I am continuing to countdown the days until our doctor appt... 11 more days! It seems like forever!

We are also celebrating Tom's birthday being on Saturday! What a great gift - you're gonna be a daddy!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

We're Pregnant!

All THREE test were postive January 14 and 15! I am 5 weeks pregnant! We have our 8 week appt scheduled for February 4. No sickness yet, but I my appetite is in full gear and I am get tired quickly.

With friends and family scattered throughout the country, we hope to keep the blog updated with details of our adventure. Check back for updates!