Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tommy's First School Pictures!

Bonnie Hutchinson (via Blackberry)

Monday, May 25, 2009

8-months and growing!

Who needs to by toys that roll to help Tommy walk around... he will use his table! Seriously, there is no stopping this kid!

Is 8-months too young to start playing with a slinky??

Family Trip to Zephyrhills!

We made a trip to Zephyrhills to see the family. It was a beautiful weekend and we even made it for one of Ashley's softball tournaments. So, we spent the day at the park and at the field. If Tom has anything to do with it, Tommy will be very familiar with the ballfield very soon.


Time is flying... so much so that I realized, I haven't even shared pictures of Tommy's 7-month! So, I am going to make up for lost time and post them now. This should put me back in good grace with Tommy's Aunt Donna and Aunt Sharyl, maybe.
Tommy's 7-months old!
Ignore the groceries, we had better things to do!
Helping Daddy fold his laundry, starting him out young!Tommy loves his Daddy!